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Installation Directions:

Mount the Bee Condo frame on a South facing wall, just under the eaves of a garage or other out building.


To assemble your Mason Bee Condo: stack the blocks with the paper straws in each hole, keep the straws flush with the front of the blocks, and fold the extra straw length over 90 degrees at the back. Continue stacking the blocks and straws until the Bee Condo reaches the penthouse floor.

Add the roof with the four threaded rods through it, using the two longer ones at the front, into the frame shelf holes, add the 1 x 2 cross block under the shelf and across the front, tighten with washers and wing nuts. Make sure you keep the condo blocks pushed back tight against the mounted frame as you tighten the nuts.


That’s all, the following spring, the bees will find your Bee Condo and start filling the paper straws with pollen, larvae, and a mud or leaf plug. The female will continue until a single female has filled a straw with 6-8 of these pollen, larvae, and plug cells. A single female will fill 4-5 straws and then die off. The larvae eat the pollen, and spin a cocoon, emerging the following spring. The males emerge first, followed by the females. The new female goes on to fill clean straws with her larvae, laying females first and the males last. Ensuring another year of pollination for your garden, fruit and nut trees.


Changing the paper straws each fall ensures the continued growth and health of your Mason Bee Condo colony. On or about October 1st each year, we recommend removing the filled straws from the blocks, and re-placing with new clean straws. Place the filled straws in a container, and store them, yes in your refrigerator, keeping them horizontal, and on a back shelf over the entire winter. Mason Bees winter best at around 40 degrees. Mark the container so you don’t forget to place your bees outside again the next spring around March 1st or after the chance of frost has past in your area.

Use the roof section of your already re-filled Bee Condo, stacking and

placing the filled straws with the folded ends toward the back in the roof section.

The Bees will emerge as spring temperatures rise and just in time to begin pollination,

thus helping ensure a bountiful fall harvest.


We here at Solstice Trading Company know that you, and your family and friends will enjoy many hours watching the Native Mason Bee come and go from the Mason Bee Condo that you provided!

Mason Bees are Native North American Pollinators, they are ten times better at pollination than the imported Honey Bee. Mason Bees produce no honey, so they have little to protect, Mason Bees are considered very friendly, and although they have a stinger, they rarely

see a need to use it.

Mason Bee Homes make it possible to raise a colony of great pollinators in your own backyard.

Mason Bee Condos make a natural nest site, and make it easy for yearly maintenance of straw replacement, providing clean new housing for your next seasons pollinators. Providing housing makes it easy for Bees to focus on producing offspring instead of searching for housing in nature.

Text Box:  Made from long lasting Redwood
Contains 96 -5/16” dia. x 6” holes with two years of replaceable paper straw homes. Houses about 600 Bees

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